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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Making a 6x6 Paper Pad Disappear!

Hello Lovelies!

I have a HUGE post today. It's so big I'm afraid you'll bail on me so if you stay tuned, I might have a giveaway at the bottom! Yes, I'm bribing you.

You need the back story on this post. Operation Write Home (OWH) sends blank handmade cards to military so they can send handmade cards home to their loved ones. They had a tutorial on their blog a few weeks back about how to use up an entire 6 x 6 paper pad to make a TON of cards. You need a pad, the OWH sketches and a serious amount of coffee and advil for your back :) Ask me how I know :)

A crafty friend, Leslie, challenged herself to do this, and she did...wait for it...60 cards. Nope, you didn't read that wrong, 60 cards from one pad. Oh my word, I know. SO, I decided to give it a try. Check it out HERE, HERE and HERE.

This is what happened:

1. Had to water color one last time (last card I made, pics not in the same order that I made them, I'm not that organized! Actually, it looks like I uploaded them backwards. That doesn't really matter though).

2. Had to paper piece! OWH sketch.

3. I was getting loopy so I wanted to make a hand print turkey. And I failed. Then I tried to salvage it. And failed again. I will not be sending this one in! 

4. Most of the cards I made followed OWH sketches. 

5. It was hard to keep the cards flat/no glitter! 

5-8. Using one sketch 

9. I broke down and started water coloring 

9-15. Using one sketch 

16. Made my own pattered paper by stamping leaves. The orange is super wonky in the photos. 

16-19 Using one sketch 

20. I like this one, hard to align the 4 papers though, mostly because I'm incapable of adhering/stamping straight. Why I kept picking cards with 4 blocks is beyond me. 

20-21. Using one sketch 

22. I like these too. Tags, go figure. 

22-28. Using one sketch 

29. Not sure about that leaf paper. I was trying to keep the cards gender neutral and leaves instead of flowers, but some of the paper had flowers, I just went with it. 

29-31. Using one sketch 

32. Way to simple for me, I didn't know where to go with it, most definitely missing something though. 

32 -35. Using one sketch 

36. I love this design.  

36-37. Using one sketch 

38. These are the first ones I made. This is before I started inking edges and adding faux stitching. 

38-42. Using one sketch 

Here's what is left! I still could make several cards, isn't that crazy! MME paper pad "All Spice". 42 total cards!

To make the process more streamlined I used all Lawn Fawn sets for Thanksgiving as the due date to have those cards into OWH is at the end of September. I've only skimmed the surface of what OWH does for our troops!

Thanks for hanging in there (or totally cheating and just skipping down here!).

Giveaway Deets!


1) I'd like to giveaway a Lawn Fawn set, Quinn's 123's just to help me celebrate me finishing this huge project!

2) A $10 e gift card to Simon Says Stamp!

How to enter:

  • Help me spread the word about this post via blogging, Facebook or Twitter. 
  • Please leave me a link to your post/tweet in the comments! You have until Saturday, September 15th 11:59pm MST. I do insist on this, in a previous giveaway, I was duped so please play nice :)
  • I'll use to pick 2 winners!
Phew! That's it! Thanks for stopping by!



Lisa - papergrace said... Best Blogger Tips

Uber cute Thanksgiving Cards, Melissa! I don't have it in me to make that many, as dear to my heart as this cause is. I have to bling-a-fy things. It's in my blood. ;) These are ALL really great. The troops will love them. ♥

Wendy G. said... Best Blogger Tips

You did a really great job! I love the variety of your cards! Kudos! I retweeted your blog.

Leslie Hanna said... Best Blogger Tips

WOW, WOW, WOW! This is amazing.

"I broke down and started water coloring" <-- Um, this never happens in my world. Just sayin'.

For #32 - what if you punch a few hearts from coordinating (or the same) papers and line them up across the green panel?

#20 "Why I kept picking cards with 4 blocks is beyond me." <-- I may still be laughing about this one.

Now I want to do it again. Maybe I'll take a partial pack next time, though. :)


Melissa Shea said... Best Blogger Tips

@Leslie Hanna
Thanks chickadee, I love that you did it first so I saw that it was actually possible!

Great idea for card #32, I'm on it!

Jennifer said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG…. You over-achiever, you! You put my one-card-at-a-time to shame! I love that you challenged yourself this way -- how long did it take you? And I would give just about anything to have you post a pic of your workspace after a marathon session of those proportions!

You don't need to enter me in your giveaway (generous as it is!), but I did post about you on FB so people can come see what a fabulous job you did! :) Maybe I'll show up on your timeline finally?? :)

Disp6194 said... Best Blogger Tips

Holy Amazing Batman! You're such an inspiration Mel. All of these cards are nothing short of fabulous :) Way to challenge yourself girlie!

lenny said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! Speechless...
What an amazing job!!
I see a lot of great cards!
Great work, Melissa!
Can't say it enough... wow!

Cat Craig said... Best Blogger Tips

Super well done Mel. I posted to Facebook but have no clue how to link it....tweeted too! I am not having any luck getting that to paste over either! Oh well...great cause. Last shot at getting the links in...maybe it's because it's my iPad apps.....hmmmm.
What about some washi tape for the green block...or stamped leaves, or de cut leaf shapes...

Emily Keaton said... Best Blogger Tips

Melissa, your cards are amazing!! You picked the perfect 6x6 pad for these beautiful cards. I love their happy fall feel! Congrats on completing 42 fantastic cards for OWH. I love them all!

Laura Jane said... Best Blogger Tips

OH MY MEL! You are a card making machine!
I gotta try this with one of my many 6x6 pads:)

Karen B. said... Best Blogger Tips

Holy cat's Batman, these are some cards! Wow! Congratulations on finishing a whole stack of them, with just one paper pack. I think my favorites are those with the stamping.

Miriam Prantner said... Best Blogger Tips

Melissa, this is FANTASTIC! Something that's on my crafty bucket list to try when I get a big block of time. A great cause, and they turned out great - LOVE the handprint one. Hee! I also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster award: Love your blog and CONGRATS on Lawnscaping!

maria mcclure said... Best Blogger Tips

Great job, Mel! What a beautiful thing to make these cards for OWH. The resources they have on their website are wonderful. I have neither a blog nor a crafty friends circle on FB, so you can exclude me from the drawing, but just wanted to stop in and say Congrats on your Lawnscaping DT appointment when I came across this post. Well deserved and have fun!

Kara Lynne said... Best Blogger Tips

Whoa! I cannot imagine what your craft area looked like after that! I love this idea, especially using one paper pad. I had to laugh at the turkey hand print gone wrong card - just reminds me of preschool days!

Lisa Carroll said... Best Blogger Tips

Man... I bow to the master! So many amazing, diverse cards, Melissa... WAY. TO. GO! :D

Winnie said... Best Blogger Tips

Very cool cards Melissa. Love how different they all are. You cracked me up with the handprint one, it is a great idea. I remember them from school . "See you in class tomorrow"

The Archiving Angel said... Best Blogger Tips

Absolutely wonderful cards for a wonderful cause.
Wow...were you ever busy!
Terrific job.
I am certain the soldiers & the recipients will love the cards.
Truly touching.
As a military spouse I can tell you first hand that these cards through Operation Write Home are truly special. When my husband was deployed he got some and was so pleased. He said it reminded him of me while he was away because I too make hand made cards.
Thank you!